Sustainable Development Management Institute (SDMI), created in January 2015, is a private University providing higher education, Education and Continuing Professional Development to a variety of target groups. SDMI believes in learning as an essential dimension of the human existence, pervading life in all its different aspects.

SDMI provides a foundation in core functional areas, advanced courses, and a wide variety of co-curricular learning opportunities. Our educational offerings has emphasis on international dimensions, discernment of ethical values, and development of communication and digital skills.

Associazione AREGAI – Italy

Founded in 2007, AREGAI is an Italian no profit association promoting sustainability and as a way of work and living. The association is composed by professionals, entrepreneurs, public and private organizations willing to use resources more diligently, reduce waste and embedding responsible and ethical business practices in all their actions.

The association offers services and solutions to support small and medium sized enterprises, municipalities and civil society organizations in adopting circular economy practices, opt for green economy solutions and helping decision makers in those organization to be capable of guiding them toward a positive change, making the right choices based actual possibilities.

Stowarzyszenie “Edukacja-Młodzież” – Poland

Association Youth Education (SEM) has the status of a public benefit organization. It conducts activities in the field of youth, vocational training and continuous improvement, via courses, trainings, seminars, offering also psychological counseling and tailored support.

The activities carried out by SEM are aimed at social and professional activation of young people, offering projects and initiatives, in which attachment to culture is important to shape appropriate, socially desirable attitudes in the young people.

Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change, Inc – The Philippines

ESSC is a Jesuit research and training organization that promotes environmental sustainability and social justice. It networks across the Asia Pacific region in moving an agenda of science for sustainability.

The research focus is on rural development, especially in upland areas and indigenous communities, participatory watershed development, sustainable upland eco-agriculture, land and water use planning with communities and local governments, disaster risk reduction and forest cover updates using GIS and remote sensing, capacity building for local governments in environmental planning and contributing to national policy discussions on sustainable resource management and community forest management, protected areas, climate change adaptations and land use change.

Pertubuhan Pemuda GEMA – Malaysia

Pemuda GEMA is a youth organization which strives to generate positive growth in the younger generation, enabling them to become agents of change who contribute and add value to the development of family, society and the nation.

GEMA strives to become a solid platform for the youth of Malaysia to gather under one roof in promoting positive changes in various aspects of life with the goal of producing agents of change. We aim that in the long run, we will be able to produce well-rounded individuals who will be able to contribute back to the society for the benefit of our future generation.


Volontariat is a non-profit organisation established in 1962 by Madeleine Herman with the help of Abbé Pierre. The NGO offer concrete support to Pondicherry poor and marginalised, especially the women & children and tries to cater to their needs through our services and programmes.

Volontariat provides educational help to about 1300 children through sponsorship from philanthropic persons mostly in France and Belgium. Our service starts from day-care centres for infants by a special source and the sponsorship programme starts when a child is admitted in the 1st standard and continues up to graduation from high school or college.

CAM / Trường cao đẳng Cơ khí nông nghiệp – Vietnam

CAM is a public school, under the management of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Over the past 58 years, the college has made great contributions to vocational training sector and been providing high quality human resources for Vinh Phuc and neighbouring provinces.

CAM always pays attention to organize extracurricular activities for students, offering, culture, sports and music events organized within the wide and modern campus.

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